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Look, I think it's -- you know, I have personal opinions about this, and actually, as the subject of a lot of press coverage over the last year myself, to be honest, I've had cause for reflection, and I have been concerned with things like the ability to make a case, the ability to reply. I have been concerned with things like prominence of corrections. The Guardian alone I think has had to correct stories about News Corporation over 40 times in the last ten months or so, none of which seemed to have the same prominence as the original story, and that worries me. I think clearly it shows that somewhere in that code strengthening needs to occur with respect to accuracy and creating accountability there, but you know, I think this is going to be a matter for this Inquiry and for the industry.

I think statutory regulation is very -- is difficult, and there's a precedent and a slippery slope and all of those things that you would hear, but I don't think there's an easy answer.

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