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Well, I think -- I mean, it goes to a broader question here, which is the scope of -- or rather, the set that you're actually referring to, because, as we know, the traditional news print business is one that will struggle to grow from where it is, and I would argue that there will be fewer newspapers in the future than there are today. I also think that plurality continues to be greatly enhanced by the -- really, the breaking down of barriers, both in distribution and the creation of content, journalism, story-telling, what-have-you.

So in a digital environment you have both journalists, if you will, who are producing content for consumption by others, by -- you know, actors that are down to a scale of one unit of one person, with a laptop, and you have on the other side Google or News Corp at a much smaller level, and where you draw the boundaries with respect to what is the discourse that you're trying to control or what is the discourse that you're trying to ensure a set of rules around is one of the most profound things that this Inquiry is going to have to grapple with.

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