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I think you point out exactly the issue: the republication as well, like you mentioned, the retweeting of something like that. Once the genie is out of the bottle, if you will, it's very, very hard to she how you then enforce the right of reply, where they retweeted from at a second and third instance, how we do that in one country, in one jurisdiction, with respect to that sort of behaviour, I think is going to be very challenging. I think ultimately one has to be practical and not say, well, nothing's possible, it's too conflicted, and I know that that's going to be something that you reflect.

But ultimately, something that is adaptable and I think also doesn't create absurdities in differential rule-making with respect to what's published online in one place and what's published online in another, that one piece online is okay because it's only online and it's in Canada but it's being consumed here and another piece is not okay because it's online but it happens also to be printed on a piece of paper. That's a difficult -- it's difficult to slice that off and say, "Well, if you happen to print it on paper, it will have these regulations, and if you don't, there will be other issues."

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