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This was an occasion -- I was fairly heavily pregnant with my third child. Most unusually, my husband had a morning off, and this is relevant in that we very rarely went out at this time of day together, so it's our belief that again people were watching the house on the off-chance, without any particular justification.

Anyway, it so happened that we took a walk to a local cafe. Most people, I think, would say that's a very innocuous thing to do as a family. And we were photographed covertly going to the cafe, didn't realise that had happened. Only subsequently did we realise when we saw the photos that it must have been happening before we hit the cafe and afterwards, because afterwards we did then see the man running down the road to get a better angle of us with my son. My eldest daughter was then at school, so this was now my middle child, my son, who was being photographed.

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