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If I had been told what was coming, I think I could have said, well, I will take steps, possibly through the courts, possibly through the PCC, I don't know what it would have been, if I had been notified, to prevent publication. We could have had a conversation. I could have restated my reasons for not wishing the children to be photographed.

I mean, again, I think the point here is that like a lot of people who have agreed to give evidence at this Inquiry, we are not looking for special treatment. We're looking for normal treatment. I don't regard myself as entitled to more than; I'm simply asking for the same as. And I'm particularly asking for that on behalf of my children.

So yes, if I had been notified of the intention to print another photograph of my child, which neither I nor they had consented to, I would have been given an opportunity to explain my position again to the newspaper in question, and one would hope that would have carried some weight, but again I wasn't notified so I couldn't do that.

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