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Yes, and I would have to say here that I felt an idiot, a fool. This was literally the second time since -- twice since 1998 I have put on a swimsuit on a public beach. Twice. And on both of those times I've been photographed.

As I've already explained, on the first occasion I believed it was a private beach. On the second occasion, I think my guard was really down. We'd gone on holiday, we hadn't encountered any press. I assumed, wrongly, that we were -- I forgot myself for a few moments, and the result was that I was long-lensed again.

Initially, there were photographs only of me, and while I don't accept that -- well, to call a spade a spade, I'm a writer, so I don't really think that it's of any relevance or of any public interest to know what I look like in a swimsuit, but the general feeling of people around me was, "Leave it", and I felt the same way. I felt that I wasn't going to be able to succeed in preventing publication of that photograph of me. I was very concerned because when I saw the photograph, I knew they must have photographs of the children because I knew that I was in very close proximity to the children all of that afternoon.

Sure enough, the picture agency confirmed that they were holding a picture -- they said one photograph of the children, and agreed to destroy it. Which I believe was done. I've never seen that photograph published.

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