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There's the particular impact on a given day. For example, my youngest daughter was very upset that we couldn't get her advent calendar because the photographer was clearly not going to desist, he'd refused in so many words. We had nowhere to go so we got back in the car and we went home again.

On a general note, the sense of being often unable to leave your house or move freely is obviously prejudicial to a normal family life, and certainly all three of my children have been aware of being suddenly pulled behind me or I will split from the family group because I'm aware there's a photographer there, so you're hoping to draw them off: "You take the kids that way, I'll go this way".

So there's a general edginess sometimes when you are aware that there are people in the vicinity, and sometimes when there aren't, you start becoming jumpy. You start thinking that the person behaving in a peculiar manner near your house might be concealing a long lens. They might not be at all, but it's a very unnerving feeling to know that you're being watched. So obviously that impacts my children.

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