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Yes. For obvious reasons I don't wish to go into detail here and now, although I'm happy to provide those details if they're relevant. But like virtually everyone in the public eye, I have on occasion been the target of unbalanced individuals. I don't want to go into details.

I mention this because my desire to keep the precise address of the property where I live with my family out of national newspapers is not because I'm being starry or precious; it's because on a number of occasions we have needed to -- the police have been involved because of incidents or even threats.

So I think it's reasonable of me to wish that the papers would refrain from making my whereabouts so very, very identifiable. Clearly I have to live somewhere, and we've taken all reasonable precautions in this matter. Of course locally it may be known where my house is, but again I think a reasonable person would see a difference between my neighbours knowing which is my house, my children's friends knowing where we live and anyone who reads a national newspaper being able to find us with extraordinary ease.

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