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I understand. Well, my husband was less fortunate than me, and we were not married. We had just started a relationship. My husband had just moved jobs from one hospital to another. Fortunately for the blagger, but not fortunately for Neil, the blagger pretended to be from the tax office, and my husband was expecting a communication from the tax office so that he could adjust his tax code.

Anyway, he's a busy man at a hospital, he gets a call, he takes the call, they say we're from the tax office, and he gave them everything. He confirmed his address, he confirmed his pay rate, he confirmed I believe his National Insurance number. And it was the next day or the day after that he opened his front door at 6 am to go to the hospital and flashes went off in his face and the paparazzi had found him.

So that was a not very nice introduction to being involved with someone famous.

Oh, I should say that there was subsequently a legitimate contact with the tax office, so that's how we know that the first call was not legitimate.

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