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All right. Let's think about the mechanics. I'm very conscious that you haven't had the advantage, if advantage it be, of listening to this Inquiry over the last six months, but there have been a number of occasions in which the confidentiality that I have required has not always been honoured, and the result is that I got to the stage of requiring everybody, and I do mean everybody, to sign a fresh undertaking that includes not merely the core participants and those who are advising them, in respect of which I insisted that I involved the number and identity of the people who were being put forward as within the club, but also the entire Inquiry team and counsel to the Inquiry and those who place the documents on the document management system, the outside contractors. So it's not that I challenged the integrity of anyone, I make that very, very clear, but I was very keen to ensure that I could do no more to ensure the integrity of my process.

So against that background, whereas I of course accept that a minister wouldn't breach an undertaking that he'd given, even if not formally, can you understand why I am not prepared to make an exception if you make a submission in that regard?

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