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I think that's because we're a 24-hour rolling news service and not a once-a-day newspaper publication. We're just following the same practice that any other rolling news service would follow on the TV or the radio. You'll quite often hear, won't you, on the Today programme in the morning they're reporting something that's being reported elsewhere by a news agency or a foreign TV station that they're unable to substantiate, and I think as long as -- we just follow exactly the same procedure.

If every other news organisation in the world is reporting, you know, that the leader of North Korea has died, obviously it's incumbent upon us to do the same. We can't spend all day trying to wait until it's absolutely confirmed beyond all doubt. And that's what I mean by that. But we wouldn't report anything that didn't come from a source that wasn't reputable, or that, even if it was from a reputable source, would be in any way legally dangerous or subject to a complaint, because obviously it's no excuse that you didn't originate the report.

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