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I think essentially what concerns me most about the areas of this Inquiry is obviously the privacy area. We comply with the PCC code on privacy. We have a very good record against that, both in terms of PCC complaints and external legal complaints, or, as I explained by giving you the example of Pippa Middleton, it causes some issues at the moment, but they are not unendurable. But if the goalposts were to be moved in that area specifically, then that would put us at a competitive disadvantage against all sorts of people, and I don't just mean celebrity websites in the United Kingdom. Huffington Post, for instance, relies very heavily on celebrity content, and they've already set up an office here and if we moved our goalposts here, they could quite happily ignore them, if they chose.

I think that's what concerns me most. You know, if we need to tighten up on the enforcement of anything, it's the law of the land. This Inquiry's been set up because of a failure to enforce the laws, not regulation.

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