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May I raise this issue then? Because I think it is one that the Inquiry may wish to consider, which is that in France and Germany, in particular, they have a different level of privacy. If we take a picture in France or Germany, then we try -- we're not -- it's not our jurisdiction, and it's understandable sometimes that we make a mistake. We try and follow the law of that locality. But we now have a situation where we have some personalities, particularly one French personality, who is trying to sue us for pictures not taken in France but taken perfectly reasonably and legally in America, which would not be in breach of the PCC, let alone British privacy law such as it is, and we are going to dispute those because it seems to me unreasonable for foreign nationals to export their own countries' levels of privacy wherever they travel around the world.

I only raise that to give you an inkling of the complexities and the issues that the digital business raises where you have a globalised business and globalised competitors all trying to pick their way through individual and varying jurisdictions.

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