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There is nothing that you can do. Obviously most reputable news organisations would never do something as objectionable, but there have been cases -- I would have to go away and look them up, but I'm pretty certain there have been cases where American newspapers have published things that would be -- names of victims and things which we wouldn't have done, but you're misunderstanding what I'm saying. I'm not arguing for looser control, I'm not arguing that as a new website we shouldn't follow the British law of contempt and libel and obey injunctions where -- privacy injunctions et cetera where they're granted, I'm not arguing that for a moment. What I'm arguing is that it's very difficult to -- it would be -- it is -- it would be very unpalatable for newspapers or newspaper websites like MailOnline to be placed under an even heavier burden of regulation when the rest of the Internet is not placed under any burden of regulation. But of course I'm not arguing for the freedom that people should be able to say what they like on Twitter, and where they break the law they should be arrested.

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