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The point I'm making is that how far is the state willing to go to compel private individuals and curtail private individuals' freedom of speech? And I'm suggesting that in the real world, when it came to a real point of principle, it would not be a price that the public was willing to pay to protect, say, a celebrity's private life. The weight of regulation, the weight of policing and the licensing system, whatever it was, would be out of all proportion to the harm that you are seeking to protect against, because at the moment the great harm, the harm of libel, the harm of prejudicing somebody's trial, the harm of invading somebody's home, all the big abuses are currently catered for either under the law or under the current system of regulation with the PCC, and as I say, I'm not arguing to be exempt from that, I'm just cautioning that there is a growing part of the media that isn't subject to any of that and that we have to be seen in that context.

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