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Yes, and one of the things I enjoy about working in the digital environment is building a slightly different and more collaborative arrangement with our readers and the people we write about and the digital environment enables you to do that, enables you to be flexible, find compromise quicker. It's entire positive. Equally, as you say, we've been down this road and around in circles several times during the war, and the point I'm making is that now we're obsessing over an industry that is, as I say, becoming less important, and in the course of fighting the last war, we're going to stop newspaper websites from winning the next one, quite frankly, if we place the British press and British websites under a regulatory environment that is too strict.

There wasn't much Mr Murdoch said that I agreed with except his sound bite that if we're not careful, we'll end up with no industry to regulate and this Inquiry will be academic because the British newspapers will not have survived.

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