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Thank you. I wouldn't want anybody to misunderstand the process of the Inquiry. It is inevitable, if the Inquiry is not to take very much longer than it has taken, that choices have to be made about those witnesses who will be asked or required to give oral evidence. Those whose evidence is taken as read, whose statements will appear on the website, should not feel aggrieved on the basis that less attention is being paid to what they say or their views. Attention will be paid to what they say and to their views, and full consideration will be given to all that these statements contain.

Indeed, before statements are read, they are, as I understand it, circulated and complaint can be made, if it is appropriate, about the statement being read, and a decision will then be made.

I simply want to emphasise that statements being put into the record are not in any sense second class statements. They are just as important as other evidence that I have heard from the witness box.

Thank you.

Thank you very much, you needn't remain there.

Mr Sherborne, the issue.

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