The transcripts of the official inquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of the press. More…

Sir, I understand that. Can I start by answering that question, or a number of the matters that were raised in the course of that question? This isn't personal to any particular core participant victim, because we fully understand that the task which confronts you, the task which confronts the Inquiry, is to look at the culture, practices and ethics of the press and, in the light of what you conclude about that, to make recommendations as to the future.

That raises three elements, to my mind. The first is, certainly in relation to Operation Motorman and what we know: what are the facts, what is the evidence about the practices which were revealed by Operation Motorman? I don't need to rehearse those. And the questions I ask are not directed at that.

But as important, I say, in terms of shining a light on what the practices, culture and ethics -- and I apologise for repeating that phrase so often -- but as important in shining a light on that as the actual facts of what Operation Motorman revealed is the way in which the newspapers themselves dealt with what was revealed, whether they accepted or admitted that it was a breach of the criminal law or not.

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