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I understand it, sir, but in one sense, in order to be fair, to use a phrase, to the media core participants. Take two possible scenarios. Take a possible scenario where every single newspaper, when it discovered its use of Mr Whittamore, what had been done, had come out with an unambiguous statement, there was never to be any more use of private investigators, we have looked at everything that we've done in relation to Mr Whittamore and we have made sure that none of the material we've obtained is to be used, all of our journalists have been told that whether it was in breach of the criminal law or not this was something we didn't want to do, if all of the newspapers had done that and that reflected the culture, practices and ethics of the media, then there would be no need for the kind of regulation that you might contemplate.

Take the other end of the extreme, that none of the newspapers said that, and they all thought that this was in effect something they didn't need to take seriously because, to put it bluntly, nobody in the prosecuting authorities took this particularly seriously, and therefore there --

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