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Yes. Let's see if we can find the time to do it.

I can understand why the second question could legitimately call for an answer for all sorts of reasons, which would not trespass on the overall impact of the work of the Inquiry, but might come under the description "fair enough". You've heard what I've said about the first. I'm not ruling upon it. I see the point that Mr Sherborne makes, because it just provides another couple of dots for me to join up in the analysis, but on the other hand I'm sure you've understood that I am focusing very much on the recommendations that I have to make and that must be in the context not merely of Motorman, but also Caryatid and all that has flown since, including the many stories that we've had of less than satisfactory journalism to put alongside, I say immediately, the very fine journalism about which others have spoken.

All right. I think we'll call it a day there. 10 o'clock tomorrow. Thank you very much indeed.

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