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Thank you, sir. Ms Malone wrote a short piece in which she alleged in very vehement language that I had married a doctor and doubtless had been attracted to him partly because of his job and he had -- you know, he was someone who was doing a very worthwhile job, and that my husband had now given up his job to be -- and I remember it quite vividly -- to be at the beck and call of his obscenely rich wife.

The language was really very strong, and no phone call had been made to me or any of my representatives, or to my husband, to check the veracity of the statements, and the truth was that my husband in ten years of marriage has never taken any time off work except for family holidays and there has never been a period when he hasn't been work or on study leave or something similar.

This was another instance of -- I feel extremely strongly about this and I wish to mention this because my husband clearly is not a celebrity and he has no wish to be a celebrity, and again this was damaging misinformation. Because his colleagues, those who weren't in his immediate vicinity and aware he was still working in the hospital where he was working, believed it. They thought he had indeed thrown in a career that he'd worked at so hard --

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