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He had changed hospitals, which seemed to be the reason Ms Malone assumed that because he'd disappeared from one hospital, he must have given up work entirely to be at my beck and call. And I would -- again, one of the reasons why I was keen to give evidence here today is because of the effect on those people who have the dubious pleasure of being married to, related to or to live next door to someone of interest to the press, and I felt that that article was vicious, it was clearly wholly untrue, and it was sending a horrible message out to my husband's colleagues, some of whom he might wish to work with or for at some point.

Yes, we did receive an apology, but it's the old case of a lie can spread around the world before the truth has got its boots on. There were still people for some time who believed my husband had indeed decided to give up work to become house husband to his authoress wife. Although I think nowadays there are fewer people who still believe that, I can't know. Anyway.

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