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We're in an Inquiry. So you put a personal few things -- my personal alchemy, my -- did Rupert Murdoch and I swim? Where did I get the horse from? Did Mr Murdoch buy me a suit? The list is endless and I've had to refute a lot of those allegations because -- "allegations" is overstating the case -- they're wrong. But I do feel that that is merely a systematic issue that -- you know, I think a lot of it's gender-based. I think that my relationship with Mr Murdoch -- if I was a grumpy old man of Fleet Street, no one would write the first thing about it, but perhaps otherwise I get a lot of this criticism and gossip. But I wasn't complaining and I wasn't making -- it would be the height of hypocrisy for that last paragraph to mean that. All I was saying is that in my experience as a journalist, it is one of the biggest complaints I get where people say that the apology never matches the inaccuracy.

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