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Well, I think -- I think on the -- on the politicians, I do think much has been made of cosy relationships and informal contact, and I believe that if journalists meet politicians, the -- it's going to be incredibly hard to be -- the journalist to be transparent about that or be forced to be transparent because often they are exactly the ways that we get information. So if you see an MP for a drink and then have to print your schedules the next day, that's quite difficult.

On the other hand, I understand from this government that they have improved their transparency from their part, and so I suppose it was to urge you that actually there really shouldn't be -- there shouldn't be, if everyone's individual contact is correct -- I have a never compromised my position as a journalist by having a friendly relationship with a politician. I've never known a politician compromise their position particularly with their friendship with me or with another executive.

So I'm not saying the system is perfect, far from it, but a review and understanding of the current laws might be a start, or enforcing of the current laws, before we put any more restrictions into it.

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