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That's correct, but I really do believe -- I know I keep going on about it, but it's the ordinary people's views that make a newspaper powerful, and if I can just give you one example, where the Daily Mirror ran a very good campaign that chimed with the readership at the beginning, anti the war in Iraq. I think it was called "Not in our name". And the Sun, being pro-military, always kept a very sort of supportive -- you know, backing our troops on the ground. Once the war started, the Mirror continued with the campaign, and I think ran a headline saying, "Why Mirror readers are wrong", and I think it's in Piers Morgan's book that I was asked to read again for this inquiry -- he talks about how the circulation of the Mirror plummeted because in fact he'd continued to drive an editorial line in the paper which was against the readership, and they reacted pretty swiftly.

I accept that's an extreme example and you were asking me about subtleties in these kind of pressures --

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