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You have in mind the Sunday Times was said to have 52 transactions involving seven journalists. When we asked who those were and what they were, it was "corrected" to four transactions involving one journalist.

But we also expressly asked for the information to enable us to investigate it and were refused it, and all that is set out in detail in Pia Sarma's witness statement. The MOD reference is MOD10049133, particularly at paragraph 12. I don't think we need to get it up on the screen. But we couldn't do anything in 2006.

Ms Sarma's witness statement also addresses whether we could have done anything from our own records to try and see whether we could match the table and she explains later in the witness statement, I think at paragraph 16, why, given the age of the data -- which, as you may recall, by December 2006 was between about four and seven years old already -- that simply wasn't practical.

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