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I think (inaudible) is the adjective that comes into my mind.

Fourthly, the requests which Mr Sherborne made, which are effectively to reopen and extend the ambit of Module 1, come far, far too late in the day. I had to ask somebody to tell me but I had to be reminded that hearings in Module 1 ended as long ago as Thursday, 9 February, and I wish Mr Sherborne was here so I didn't have to say this behind his back, but it really is disingenuous to suggest, as he did when he opened this application, that it was made in the light of DCI Gilmour's evidence. The detective chief inspector had said nothing in his oral evidence or in his witness statement to suggest, for example, that offending journalists had been promoted to senior positions, a point that Mr Sherborne wishes to pursue in the first set of questions.

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