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Good. He may even be watching me live.

Indeed, just reverting to DCI Gilmour, he was at pains not to mention the names of the journalists questioned, in accordance not only with your self-denying ordinance but also the stance adopted by Mr Thomas and the ICO. You'll recall that Mr Thomas, in his second witness statement, said that the ICO had always regarded the names as personal data and he emphasised the sensitive nature of that data by reason of the fact that the names had been obtained by reason of the exercise of the search warrant in March 2004, the journalists had not been prosecuted, let alone convicted and they'd had no chance to defend themselves.

The other point in relation to delay is this. Back on 13 March 2012 at the beginning of Day 49 in the morning, you, sir, made a ruling declining to make public the submissions received in private on 2 December last year in relation to Mr Owens' evidence and you added to that, as one sees between pages 2 and 3 of Day 49 in the morning, that if Mr Sherborne wished to argue that it was appropriate that the Inquiry should publish the documents seized in Operation Motorman in 2003, you would set aside time formally and in public to consider the issue, but in the same ruling, having emphasised yet again that the Inquiry was not concerned with individual conduct, you said it would be unfair to name the reporters identified in the Whittamore records seized during Operation Motorman.

Finally on this issue, the sheer volume of information would make answering these enquiries impossibly burdensome at any time, let alone so late in the day. There are, on any footing, a large number of transactions, a large number of journalists who would have to be investigated, and there is no easy way into that process because there's no database as such of the information from the Whittamore documents.

My fifth and final point, turning to the detail of the questions as applicable to Trinity Mirror --

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