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We have a proof print of the story:

"Downing Street wanted Tony Blair to have a bigger role in the ceremonies that marked the Queen Mother's death, it was revealed last night. A senior Blair aide telephoned Black Rod and asked if the Prime Minister would able to meet the coffin and the Royal Family when they arrived at the Westminster Hall. The PM's private secretary, Clare Sumner, was told by Black Rod that there was no role for Mr Blair and made it clear he was not proposing to change his plan."

A bit later on:

"The disclosure came amid claims that government officials wanted Buckingham Palace to reduce the lying in state from four days to three because they feared there would be insufficient numbers [I paraphrase]."

Then, towards the bottom of the page, about ten lines from the bottom:

"Black Rod, a former army officer, told her [that's Ms Sumner], politely but firmly, that Mr Blair would not greet the coffin and the Queen and the ceremony seen by hundreds of millions of TV viewers over the world. The plan had already been drawn up."

Then on the next page, four lines from the top:

"A Downing Street spokesman said last night:

"'We contacted Black Rod to go through the logistics. We did not suggest that the Prime Minister's role should be changed in any way, nor did we put pressure on anyone.'"

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