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If you look at page 3 of his statement -- there's the indented top paragraph -- he writes the statement that he gave to us that we were then able to use to rebut these totally untrue stories. He says:

"In the immediate aftermath of the news of the death of the Queen Mother, I was contacted by the staff at Number 10 to brief them on the PM's role ... I did so and explained the ceremonial. At no stage was I ever asked to change these arrangements."

So why on earth he told us one thing, when, as his letter then subsequently shows, he clearly, for whatever reason, had been having these discussions with Simon Walters -- but the point is that it became impossible because the PCC said that they were not in a position where they could adjudicate on fact, and so we just -- with all the other things going on, we just said this is a complete waste of time and we dropped it, which of course, then the press took to say means the story was true. The story was untrue then and it's untrue now.

I've given -- this was sent to me yesterday. I asked the Cabinet Office to dig out the file on it and I think -- I've sent to your team the copies of the correspondence on it from our perspective so that you do actually have the broader story and how we handled it.

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