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In which case it's very odd that he denied them on the record prior to that. If you're interested in this, you'd have to talk to Black Rod, because he does appear to be saying different things on the same piece of paper. All I know is that a very damaging story was run, first in the Spectator, then the Standard, then the Mail on Sunday and the story was completely and totally untrue. Clare Sumner, whose job in Downing Street was parliamentary liaison, she had to establish what the Prime Minister was meant to do on an event as important as the death of the Queen Mother. And then -- he goes on in his letter to talk about there were these visits from Downing Street. They happened to be the Prime Minister's protection team who advance everywhere that he goes. So forgive me if I don't take this as seriously as the people who wrote it at the time, but the story was total nonsense.

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