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I'd have to check against the cutting, but I think that refers to a story about David Blunkett's position in the government. I could be wrong, because I think he was moved after the election. But the point I make in my witness statement is valid. The Sun ran a story -- look, it's obvious. Now we have fixed-term Parliaments so this question may not arise, but the timing of the election is a story that every single political journalist is looking for the whole time and they speculated about it all the time.

The truth is we had been planning to have the election on May 3 and it was postponed because of foot and mouth. Trevor Kavanagh had run a story earlier saying May 3, election day official. That didn't come from us and nor did the subsequent story saying that was going to be on whatever date in June it turned out to be. I think on reflection, I was probably speaking to Trevor Kavanagh every day at this point because we were in the middle of the run up to the election campaign but at no point did I give anybody -- tell anybody until the Prime Minister announced the election date, although by then we were frankly running out of dates.

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