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I think by being aware of that, there's a possible concern. But if you look at -- we talked earlier about the fact that every other walk of life has some sort of oversight and scrutiny and regulation. Some of the reports that the broadcasting regulator publishes from time to time, I -- would be similar to this. I'm simply suggesting that whichever body replacing the PCC as well as investigating individual complaints against a code -- and as I said in my first statement I think the PCC code itself is a very, very good basis, but also to look at trends. You took evidence from the McCanns. I mean, had there been a regulator who, as that story was developing, could actually have said, "We are going to have an investigation into the way this is being covered", that might have had an effect, and I think it would have been an effect for the good.

I mention some of the specific issues there. News International's reporting of editorial line about the BBC. I'm not suggesting you should say you can't have a bias, but I think if an outside body were able to at least analyse whether they felt that there were one -- inevitably there's going to be some sort of subjectivity attached to this, but when this Inquiry finally writes its report, judgments are made. That's what people are put in these positions to do. So I'm suggesting some body is put in that position to make judgments so the public can be better informed. And I think actually, as I say later, that as a result of this Inquiry the public have learnt and seen things that they didn't know about, I think that's been to the public good already. But if this body were able to say, "I am concerned about this issue, I'd like to interview an editor or an owner about that", what on earth is wrong with that? I don't see anything wrong it at all. I think it would be a good thing for press. I make the point that some of the -- you would probably know more about this than I do, but some of the regulation of the legal profession I think has probably strengthened the legal profession and it's been a mixture of statutory and non-statutory.

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