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Yeah, but the -- when we had the little break and I was just sort of having a look at my phone and, I mean, the guys from the BBC and ITV and Sky who are covering this, they're not here. They're outside, they're watching it. Why don't they want to be in here? Because they want to tweet. Because that is now part of journalism as well. So they tweet, they write, they blog, they go on television. They are journalists.

What I think is happening is that we're going to end up in a position where there has to be a redefinition essentially of what a journalist is. I think it would be absurd to expect you to have regulation for every single person who is on Facebook and Twitter because then you're not far off from saying we have to regulate the content of text messaging and so forth. It's absurd. So I think there has to be a definition of what a journalist is, what a media organisation is, and there, this is where I have some sympathy for the print industry, it's not just about the print industry.

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