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Yeah, and I think that is difficult because if you think that ten years ago Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube didn't even exist, and now they are dominant within this space and the newspapers are struggling to catch up, as Rupert Murdoch himself said, in their mind, being ripped off the whole time for content. That's a difficult -- you've been given the specific area, but I think in terms of this debate it's developing so quickly that -- I've heard you many times and read you in the transcripts talking about the elephant in the room. Maybe for a while the elephant kind of has to the parked a bit, because I still do think if you get the PCC -- the new PCC, whatever that becomes and however it's constituted, if that works better than its predecessors, I do think that will have a big impact on the way that the rest of it, the blogosphere and so forth, develops, because again people aren't stupid. They can work out who knows what they're on about. When you see which of these websites get lots of traffic and which don't, it does tend to be the ones that invest properly in journalism and do real stories and so forth, and hopefully the best get to the top.

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