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I think the funding one is difficult because PressBoF -- back to this point about it's their system and they pay for it, but -- so how you would fund this, I think perhaps there does have to be a claim upon the public purse.

I think the Editors' Code has always been a major flaw the fact that serving editors are the people who are deciding what the Editors' Code I think is just so obviously a flaw in the old system.

I think Lord Hunt is doing a very good job to try and make sense of this, but he's an absolute passionate believer in self-regulation, so he's trying to get the last, last-chance saloon, and I think they have had so many last-chance saloons I think the public would think it were bizarre if we just basically said: well, we've had all this thing, we've had Milly Dowler, we've had the McCanns and all the rest of it; let's just have another PCC but call it something different.

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