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Correct, yes, absolutely. And that was right in my day, that was what we did in my day, and I think we did it for a reasonably good reason, because there was a danger of double jeopardy for the newspapers, that they would be clobbered by the Press Complaints Commission and then they'd go to court. I think that in my day, really, the only cases that this really mattered was defamation cases and it was relatively easy to see if this was a case where you should say to somebody, "Look, this is a case that you might prefer to take to court because this doesn't look like it's in our field."

What I didn't want to do was to use the PCC as a sort of fishing expedition, have people come along who really all the time were intending to go to court, and get the PCC to deal with it in order to give them the information --

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