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We had a meeting -- and bear in mind I had known Mr X for a number of years -- and we had a drink, and in a relaxed atmosphere, he made it clear that these events took place a long time ago and there had been a lot much water under the bridge. He -- there was nothing personal in it, it was purely professional instruction, which I accepted and remain to this day accepting that position, and he outlined the majority of people involved in the conspiracy. I say "the majority". He was keen to leave out one or two for his own personal reasons, and I was happy for that to continue.

And he more or less charted the events from the middle of June 2006 -- he states for a three-month period, and all documents he could access via the back door Trojan: our emails, the hard drive, social media, the whole range of -- I mean, he didn't say this, but the Trojan that we've identified would have allowed the cam, your web cam, so he could have actually seen me or my kids at the desk.

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