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We did quite a bit of work investigating Mr Murdoch's practice in Australia, and of course we had on the paper several brilliant Australian journalists, Bruce Page, Phillip Knightley, who knew full well at first hand and they were all utterly opposed to the idea of Mr Murdoch taking control. In fact, the entire staff of the Sunday Times was opposed because they said he's not to be trusted and they gave example after example after example.

I said, okay, we knew all this, I knew it myself, and that's why we have to build these guarantees, and I made a big mistake. I stayed on the vetting committee to make sure the guarantees were watertight. In hindsight, I should have got off the vetting committee and led a campaign against the failure to go to the Monopolies Commission. At that stage, we all assumed the Monopolies Commission was going to be invoked since it was a clear case for the Monopolies Commission, but we were not, of course, aware of the secret meeting of January 4 and Mrs Thatcher's secret deal with Mr Murdoch.

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