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No, he didn't. In my book, I never charged Mr Murdoch with fiddling the Thomson figures because he couldn't have done it anyway.

The best authority on this source is Bruce Page's book, "The Murdoch Archipelago", which was done years later when he investigated -- he was former editor of Insight, and a man of great intelligence. In fact, Mr Murdoch from this courtroom praised Mr Bruce Page for his investigations on other issues. And it's pretty clear, in fact I would describe it as a shambles. The level of scrutiny brought to the Sunday Times figures was a disgrace. The chief accounting officer of the government was not involved. Mr Biffen did not come back until the day before. It was well-known that Mr James Prior said Mr Biffen is Mrs Thatcher's will. He did whatever he was told.

So in fact, the more one looks at this, the more it becomes a kind of Polish war grave. There are so many bad things undetected for years and years and years. I mean, it was a disgrace to the standards of the British government that the Civil Service was so lax, the minister was in India at the time and didn't take much of an interest in it, some of the ministers didn't even know that the Monopolies Commission law restricted this kind of thing.

As I say, my "Good Times, Bad Times", Bruce Page's "Archipelago" -- and then on top of this, you have -- if I might, Mr Jay, refer you to Mr Woodrow Wyatt's diary, may I?

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