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I'll read it to you. Mr Woodrow Wyatt was a go-between between Mrs Thatcher and Mr Murdoch and I'd been at the dinners with Mr Wyatt throughout my career. At one of them Mrs Thatcher was present. There's nothing wrong with any of that.

However, Mr Wyatt was assiduous in keeping a secret diary and this is the remarks he made in June 1987. First of all, in a conversation with Mrs Thatcher saying:

"We need another pro-Margaret newspaper and we tried to get the Today newspaper for Mr Murdoch without going to the Monopolies Commission.

"'Ah, yes, I remember the Times didn't get referred to the Monopolies Commission when we bought them both, the Times and the Sunday Times, because they were making a loss', says Mrs Thatcher."

That's what Mrs Thatcher said. She was misinformed. Then Mr Wyatt:

"I reminded Rupert during the evening about his request and at my instigation she had stopped the Times acquisition" -- she had stopped the Times acquisition -- "being referred to the Monopolies Commission, though the Sunday Times was not really losing money and the pair together were not."

That you have in a nutshell.

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