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In my view, my Lord, that is actually the heart of the matter of this Inquiry, because if the relationship between the politicians and the press, which in this particular case the politicians are scared of the press, scared of having some kind of penalty, wouldn't do what they should have done, which was to introduce a debate of high order on the consequences. So I am absolutely 100 per cent with you on that, and I think a number of senior journalists would be.

It's really ... [break in transmission]. I'm a critic of the press, I'm a critic of incompetent government. A supporter of free opinion, free speech, but there is a limit, and now we have the European -- Articles 8 and 10 in the European Commission court. We have actually standards we can observe. But it needs enactment. We could come to the question: well, how do you enforce -- how do you make the press behave better in a free society? And I think I have some thoughts on that which I'm quite happy to expose.

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