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Just one. I did neglect to say that one of the points where we disagreed with Mr Murdoch was that I believed the Times should be open to different opinions, and he thought it should not be. For instance, I -- with the articles I published -- I published one by Mr Ray Buckton, a trade union leader, and he said, "He should never be published because the man was a comic", which was ridiculous. Opening the Times to different opinion, not my opinion, was actually an issue. The issue of diversity.

Otherwise, I don't have anything to say except I'm glad of the opportunity to correct some records. I'm tired of the defamation of me, particularly Mr Murdoch's statement that I lowered the circulation of the Times when I increased it from 276,000 to over 300,000, which is a falsehood that he's retained, and I think that when the Times newspaper itself refused to publish a correction on that score, we were looking at a newspaper which had lost its sense of moral responsibility.

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