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Well, obviously a massive impact. It infiltrates your everyday life to the point where, even nowadays, when I'm not doing too much, they'll follow we quite regularly wherever I go, whether it be shopping, taking my children to nursery, even though I expressly asked them not to take photographs when I'm with my children at nursery because therefore -- I don't want the nursery -- I don't want people to know where it is, et cetera. But I mean, it's just everywhere. I think there is kind of a shadow network where everybody is infiltrated, in terms of hotel concierge, restaurants who will tip off journalists or paparazzi, the airlines, everywhere -- I haven't been on a holiday since I was 16 where I haven't been found and photographed, and much of that, I believe, was bought information because I can't -- if I haven't even been followed to the airport, there have been no paparazzi at the airport, I can't really see how else it could have come about.

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