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Well, I remember being told that Rupert Murdoch had asked me to sing at his wedding to entertain and it would take place on his yacht in New York, and I remember being told that -- you know, the offer of money or the offer of the favour in order to basically get good press, to be looked upon favourably, as I said in the statement, and I also remember being 13 and thinking: "Why on earth would anybody take a favour or £100,000?" and you know, me and my mother being quite resolute on this point, that the £100,000 was definitely the best option, but being advised by management and by certain members of the record company to take the latter option, that he was a very, very powerful man, I was in the early stages of my career and could absolutely do with a favour of this magnitude.

Basically, he flew us in on his private jet from LA to New York, which was amazing, and then we went on to his boat, which had a grand piano on it, which I was amazed by, and, yeah, I sang at the ceremony.

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