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It's difficult to say because at different times there were different levels of interest. If there has been a story that has just come out, then there's a massive level of interest. Obviously I live in Cardiff, I don't live in London, so a lot of photographers would have to travel, although there are a lot of freelance photographers in Cardiff as well. So I mean generally -- generally, from 16 to 18, there was at least one photographer there most days, and by "most days", maybe five out of seven days in a week. If there was a story that had just broken or anything like that, then they would literally be there all the time and there would be a lot of them. Maybe, you know, six to eight, possibly. Yeah, so it was -- it was really, really intense.

And then of course, when you get to a situation where if you're out in public and they're trying to take photos -- you know, those are really indecent photos that they're trying to get because, you know, at the time it was all the rage to take these photos and expose these celebrities for whatever it might be -- their cellulite, I'm not really sure -- but it was once again just a really unpleasant experience, yeah, and something I hope I don't really have to go through again.

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