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That's gone to the Supreme Court. We were told we had to continue paying his legal fees despite the fact we didn't want to. It's not within our control.

Lastly, surveillance of members of the Select Committee. As we have informed the Select Committee, no evidence has been found to suggest that any member of the committee other than Mr Watson was placed under surveillance. That is the case after an email search carried out for the MSC and after interviews conducted by Linklaters with three senior members of the News of the World staff.

So far as Mr Watson is concerned, it is the case that he was under surveillance for a period between 28 September and 2 October 2009. We believe that that came about to stand up a tip for a story, not as a result of his membership of the committee, and that appears to us to be consistent with the terms of the emails which Mr Watson refers to in his statement, and which we provided to him on 20 March this year.

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