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If you wanted to see the exact words used, you can see them there.

Thank you very much. Can I ask you now, still on press intrusion, about the impact on others, and in this respect I'd like us to look at paragraphs 26 onwards of this statement. You preface these paragraphs by saying this:

"Whilst the coverage about me could be hurtful, it has been the coverage about my parents that has been particularly painful to deal with. The events I am about to describe include: blackmail, bribery, phone interception, innuendo and most importantly, the invasion of the privacy of private, non-public people. To my mind, it reveals the tabloids at their very worst."

Then you refer to an article dated 11 December 2005 in the News of the World which reported that your father was having an affair. Again, I'm not going to put those documents back in the public domain by publishing them on the website, but can you tell us a bit about that particular article?

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