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Yes, and the first line of the article which -- after going back to a lot of the articles, actually, that I put into this bundle, I think maybe I've just kind of blanked out just quite how bad they were but I just want to read out the first line of the article, which was:

"Superstar Charlotte Church's mum tried to kill herself because her husband is a love rat hooked on cocaine and three-in-a-bed orgies."

You can imagine what followed it, in true News of the World style. It was basically just totally sensationalised, and whether partially or wholly true, I just really hated the fact that my parents, who had never been in this industry apart from in looking after me, were being exposed and vilified in this fashion. It was just had a massive, massive impact on my family life, on my mother's health, which the News of the World had reported on before then, on her mental health state and her hospital treatment, which we also think the only way they could have known about that hospital treatment, et cetera, was either through the hacking or possibly through the bribing of hospital staff, et cetera. So they knew how vulnerable she was and still printed this story, which was horrific. And I just -- I can't think of any justification for printing a story like that.

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