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Categorically no, but then also to expand upon that point is that -- I think -- I wrote some little bits of points down. Basically, there is no rule book for dealing with the tabloid press and I tried lots of different approaches of how to deal with it. Sometimes I've not given interviews, hidden myself away at home, even done my food shopping on the Internet so as not to go out and be photographed and be written about, and generally the way that that was counteracted was by -- that they made up stories and used old photographs.

So with OK and Hello, I tried something different, to see whether that would work, because they were obviously insatiable for information and new photos, et cetera, but I think -- I think those particular articles need to be seen in context with what I was going through at the time. So basically, I was pregnant with my first child. I was having a home birth. Whilst I'm giving birth to my first child at my house, I'm well aware that there are six photographers outside my house who are waiting, waiting for those first pictures, and by signing an exclusive deal, I took the value of those paparazzi pictures away.

At this point, I'd lived with the paparazzi for a while. I knew the tactics they used. I knew it wasn't always safe. I knew there were car chases, et cetera, involved, especially because there's a large number of them, therefore they're all fighting for which one gets its first and the best picture, and I didn't want to subject my tiny newborn children to that.

There's also something to be said where they do take nice photos and they actually print what you say, which I haven't found in a lot of tabloid interviews and things that I've done, or whether they've been interviews or not, and basically my decision was based upon the fact that photographs of my children would have been taken anyway, with or without my consent, and this was the lesser of two evils. So basically it's kind of a no-win situation.

I'd also like it to be noted that any money that I earned from those type of things I gave to charity.

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